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4th International Workshop on Pericyclic Reactions and Synthesis of Hetero- and Carbocyclic Systems

The Interuniversity Center for Pericyclic Reactions organizing the meeting, warmly welcome all the scientists who are keen on pericyclic reactions and their application, and on the hetero/carbocyclic synthesis using modern methodologies.

Pericyclic reactions are an old tool to obtain both heterocycles, carbocyclic and complex chemical structures representing a pivotal step in many modern applications such as medicinal chemistry, in material chemistry, polymers, nano- and two-dimensional materials.
The University of Milan aims to offer an opportunity, mainly to young researchers but not only, to discuss the latest researches in this field and their applications, as well as the theoretical and mechanistic aspects in using this old but modern tool.

Participate and contribute to the upgrading of this scientific field and establish new collaborations between researchers and lovers of the pericyclic reactions and heterocyclic/carbocyclic chemistry.

The workshop will take place from the 28th to the 30th of June, 2017 in Milan.


Palazzo Greppi, Sala Napoleonica
Via S. Antonio, 12 – Milano


03 aprile 2017
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