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 Alessandro Ajo

Prof.ssa L.

De Cola


Injectable hybrid hydrogels for a local chemotherapy or tumor-specific resection

Martina Bartolomei

Dott.ssa C. Lammi, Prof. G. Aldini


Integrated and sustainable strategy for the investigation and valorization of Extra Virgin Olive Oil extracts and by-products

Giulia Cazzaniga

Dott.ssa S. Villa, Prof.ssa F. Meneghetti


Low-Molecular-Weight Phosphatase inhibitors as new drug candidates against mycobacterial pathogens

Samuele Ciceri

Prof.ssa F. Meneghetti; Dott.P. Grisenti




Synthesis of pharmacologically active molecules through biocatalytic approaches: study of their stereochemistry and polymorphism by means of spectroscopic and crystallographic methods

Giulio Ferrario

Prof. G. Aldini


Mass spectrometric strategies to identify bioactive components from natural extracts with anti-inflammatory activities

Ilaria Filippin

Dott.ssa A. Foppoli


Evaluation of hydrolytic enzymes in the design of oral drug delivery systems

Letizia Molteni

Prof.ssa E. Beccalli


Sustainability and innovation of catalytic processes for the synthesis and trasformation of heterocyclic systems of biological interest

Annalisa Murgo 

Prof. A. Sala; Dott.ssa D. Miglietta


Characterization and evaluation of clinically relevant readouts in a pre-clinical model of IPF

Francesco Rama 

Prof. F. Cilurzo


Selection of novel peptide or polysaccharide-moieties driving nanoparticles penetration through biological membranes

Andrea Zovi

Prof.ssa P. Minghetti; Dott.ssa C. D’Angelo


Technological and regulatory science strategies to assure patient access to medicinal products in a hospital setting


RAPPRESENTANTE dei Dottorandi XXXVI ciclo: Alessandro Ajo 





Liliana Angelo 

 Prof. Francesco Cilurzo 

Lipid vesicle to optimize the skin penetration of poor permeable substances

Rebecca Appian

Prof. Cristiano Bolchi


Alpha4beta2 neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor ligands: from subtype selective to stoichiometric isophorm selective

partial agonism

Martina Bottoni 

 Prof.ssa Gelsomina Fico Ethnobotanical survey in Valmalenco (Sondrio, Italy): study and enhancement of the plant and cultural biodiversity
Silvia Castelli

Prof. Giancarlo Aldini/ Dr.ssa B. Valsanina (cotutor Nerviano)

 Quantitative and functional proteomic in drug discovery

Davide Di Lorenzo 

Prof.ssa Maria Luisa Gelmi Development of novel biodegradable materials stable to sterilization for the preparation of drug delivery systems

Enrico Mario  Alessandro Fassi

Prof. Giovanni Grazioso 

Development and application of computational aapproaches for rational design of novel biologically active compounds, for the ainvestigation of their mechanism of action and for athe prediction of their ADME/Tox profile

Davide Garanzini

Prof. Giorgio AbbiatiLinkedinC-C and C-H bonds activation through the metal-catalysis as a sustainable process to access to bioactive
heterocyclic systems

Elisa Impresari

Prof.ssa Sara Pellegrino Design and synthesis of non-natural amino acids, peptidomimetics and their exploitation for the preparation of complex molecular architectures finding applications in biology, chemistry

Jiangiang Li

Prof.ssa Aanna Arnoldi

 A metabolite of P5, a lupin peptide, is a new dual inhibitor of cholesterol biosynthesis

Kaliroi Peqini 

Prof.ssa Sara  Pellegrino Development of molecular probes acting on Tau/Tubulin and α-Synuclein/Tubulin interface

Lorenzo Suigo 

Prof. Ermanno Valoti



Development of small molecules as inhibitors of FtsZ and RnpA acting as potential antimicrobial agents

Ruoxian Xu 

Prof.ssa Anna Arnoldi Proteomic and Peptidomic Approaches for the Identification of New Bioactive Peptides from Food source and Food Processing By-products

RAPPRESENTANTE dei Dottorandi XXXV ciclo: Lorenzo Suigo


PhD. studentTutor/CotutorPersonal pagePhD. Project
Angelica ArtasensiDr. Laura Fumagalli Repurposing and morphing: a combined strategy to design multitarget ligands

Susanna Bertuletti

Dr. Sergio Riva Exploiting oxidoreductases, hydrolases and transaminases as stereo- and regio-selective biocatalysts in organic synthesis
Dario Brambilla

Dr. Marcella Chiari

 LinkedinImmuno-affinity capture and release of Extracellular Vesicles and their characterization as novel diagnostic tools
Marco MasperoProf.ssa Clelia Dallanoce Design and synthesis of new PET radiotracers in drug discovery
Silvia RadrezzaProf.ssa Marina Carini
Dr. Alfonsina D'Amato
 LinkedinQuantitative lipidomics and proteomics in Medicinal Chemistry
Marco UboldiProf.ssa Lucia Zema LinkedinDesign and manufacturing of indwelling delivery systems intended for intravesical drug
Francesco VaghiProf.ssa Maria Luisa Gelmi Heterocyclic beta-amino acid as toppa for peptidomimetic and modified PNA synthesis

RAPPRESENTANTE dei Dottorandi XXXIV ciclo: Silvia Radrezza



PhD. studentTutor/CotutorPersonal pagePhD. Project
Elisa BrambillaProf.ssa Elisabetta Rossi Metal-catalyzed syntheses of polycyclic indole and benzimidazole derivatives
Silvia GervasoniProf. Alessandro PedrettiLinkedinDevelopment and validation of computational approaches to study and characterize metalloproteins
Ettore GilardoniDr. Luca Regazzoni
Prof. Giancarlo Aldini



An integrated proteomic and analytical approach for elucidating the mechanism of action of histidine dipeptides and synthetic derivatives
Khalid Garba MohammedProf.ssa Francesca Selmin



Extemporaneous preparations in personalized therapy: the design of orodispersible dosage forms and (trans)dermal delivery systems
Yuchen LiProf.ssa Anna ArnoldiResearchGateHypocholesterolemic and Antidiabetic Activity of Microalgae Peptides: Structure Elucidation, in Vitro Screening and in Silico Molecular Modeling

RAPPRESENTANTE dei Dottorandi XXXIII ciclo: Ettore Gilardoni



PhD. studentTutor/CotutorPersonal pagePhD. Project
Andrea CasiraghiProf. Ermanno Valoti α-Synuclein/Synapsin-III interaction: design and synthesis of novel modulators as antiparkisonian agents
Sabrina GiofrèProf.ssa Egle M. Beccalli Synthesis of nitrogen-containing heterocyclic systems of biological interest through domino strategies
Matteo MoriDr. Fiorella Meneghetti



Iron acquisition as target for new antitubercular drugs
Alma Martínez FernándezDr. Cristina Banfi
Prof. Giancarlo Aldini


Masstrplan Project

Analysis of lipid and protein oxidation status in patients with cardiovascular diseases

Saliha Moutaharrik

Dr. Maroni AlessandraLinkedinDesign and Development of a Novel Physiologically-Based Combination Approach to Oral Colon Delivery

RAPPRESENTANTE dei Dottorandi XXXII ciclo: Matteo Mori



PhD. studentTutor/CotutorPersonal pagePhD. Project
Francesco BavoDr. Cristiano Bolchi



Subtype-selective Neuronal Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Agonists and Antagonists
Silvia Alice LocarnoProf.ssa Maria Luisa Gelmi
Prof.ssa Francesca Clerici
LinkedinUnnatural amino acids as synthetic tools for the preparation of complex molecular architectures 
Helena MacutProf. Maria Luisa Gelmi
Prof. Matteo Zanda


Moglynet Project

Development of PFKFB3 allosteric modulators
Giulia MagriProf. Francesco CilurzoLinkedinDevelopment of novel biodegradable materials stable to sterilization for the preparation of drug delivery systems
Marco MolProf. Giancarlo Aldini


Masstrplan Project

Analytical Strategies for the Identification and Characterization of  RAGE Binders of Pro-Inflammatory Mediators, AGEs and ALEs
Sarath Babu NukalaProf. Marina Carini       
Prof. Marta Cascante (University of Barcelona)
Co-tutor: Luca Regazzoni
LinkedinBioanalytical and proteomic approaches in the study of pathologic ECs dysfunctionality, oxidative stress and the effects of PFKFB3 modulators
Maria Chiara PismataroProf.ssa Clelia DallanoceLinkedinDesign and synthesis of novel molecular probes targeting the alpha7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors: insight into the mechanisms of activation and related therapeutic implications


PhD. studentTutor/CotutorPersonal pagePhD. Project
Gilda AielloProf.ssa Anna ArnoldiLinkedinNutritional peptidomics: Discovery, quantification and functional analysis of plant protein derived peptides
Giovanna BaronProf. Giancarlo Aldini



Mass spectrometric strategies for the study of plant extract bioavailability, bioactivity and mechanisms of action
Raffaella BucciProf.ssa Maria Luisa Gelmi



Constrained b amino-acids as molecular tools for the preparation of foldamers
Corinna GalliProf. Sergio RomeoLinkedinNoncovalent fluorous interactions: new approaches for drug discovery and drug delivery
Gaia Maria Giorgia QuaroniProf.ssa Paola MinghettiLinkedinTuning the adhesive and mechanical properties of transdermal drug delivery systems
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